updated for Murkmire

Starting Gear for Aspiring Tanks

Trying to play a new role can be tuff and unforgiving at times. Getting into a good starter set is a good way to learn and be able to handle tougher content. Here we are going to help those new to Tanking get into some gear just to get them going.

The eyes of the tank have to be aware of the entire battlefield. You must take away the heavy hitting and annoying enemies away from your squishy comrades. Now, unlike Pokemon and what some elitists believe, you don’t have to catch them all. As the tank you do not have to taunt every enemy on the field at once.

Some other sets to consider.

Plague Doctor (Deshaan), Footman Set (DSA & Guild Traders), Alkosh (Maw of Lorkhaj), Ebon (Crypt of Hearts) and more to come.


These gear sets are for up and coming tanks that want a place to get started.

Warrior Poet is all about your Health! This set is often a base set in many end game builds. So make sure you keep all the best pieces of this for future use! This set can be farmed in Vvardenfell or purchased in Guild Traders.
Fortified Brass is a great starting set and it can be easily crafted. It gives you a great amount of resistances and will help you take those heavy boss hits. The crafting station for this set can be found in Clockwork City.
Fortified Brass and Warrior Poet are great sets to wear together. Combining these two set will give you a solid footing in harder content. With this in mind run City of Ash 1 on Veteran mode to acquire the Infernal Guardian Monster Helm.

There are so many more ways to combine armor for a tanks build however these are one the easiest to come by that also give you solid stats.

Champion Points

Coming soon

Food Buffs

Coming Soon

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