Episode 1 – Start Date: Feb 19, 2019

Grand Guild Games (G3)

Welcome, welcome my pretties !! To our first ever G3 !! We shall have fun, but looking good remains priority. It doesn’t matter how you feel but how you look !! 😎😎😎
I brings you a great contest of looks ! Our 1st theme trial !! Below you will find a sign up sheet with “themes” you can choose from for your toon. You will dress your toon according to your chosen “theme”. A trial dungeon will be the stage, you must remain in character at all times (not required) to score extra points. The pretty with most points shall win ! Remember we may never finish the trial but we’ll sure look good !! 😎
ENTRANCE FEE 15k, all must be deposited in guild bank to reserve your VIP spot.

1st place – 1 gold plating 1 rosin/alloy
2nd place – 1 purple plating 1 rosin/alloy
3rd place – 1 blue plating 1 roe
4th place – 1 green plating 1 frost mirriam
5th-12th place – worms/guts/crawlers 100x

A panel of officers including yours truly will judge you, he/she will award or remove points. At the end of the night the pretty with the most points shall win. Judge decisions is final, however judges decision can be lobbied (GOP style) to your advantage (sorry life is unfair). Officers judging you will remain secret so be kind and generous with them. (Leo can be lobbied but he is tricksy).
Things to qualify :
1- Looks/armor
2- Looks/coloring
3- Grand Entrance
4- Acting (must remain in character)
5- Improvisation ( a queen always a queen)
If you have any questions let me know.
All participants must submit a picture or small video with your toon fully dressed by Monday February 25 before midnight.
A panel of judges will be reviewing your looks before the main event.
You must remain pretty at all times !
See you there 😎

Winner of episode 2:

Wind Master By aKidNamedSKWiD2


Here’s all the info you need to pick a favorite and be their first fan. Like em, send em words of encouragement, help em be the prettiest of them all !

Poison Master

Wind Master

Lightning Master

Fire Master

Emo Master

Thief Master

Deus Ex Machina

Earth Master

Ice Master

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